Release date March 21, 2011
Platforms Xbox 360, Windows Phone 7, Windows PC

1.0.0 is the main release for CraftWorld. Developers have posted into their official website. For announcement post, click here.


  • No nights, only day
  • No weather effect
  • Walking too slow
  • No manual save feature
  • Look around control too slow
  • Worlds cannot be deleted
  • Still play musics and vibrations although the phone sets no media + apps volume and no vibrations.
  • Not so challenging although its survival mode.
  • No multiplayer.
  • Cannot split the item.
  • Crafting ingredients take too much time to collect.


  • Zombie appears in the sun.
  • (Crash) Loading screen
  • (Crash) Using suicide button
  • (Crash) Advertising manager
  • (Missing) Block data on stairs and ladders
  • (Missing) Block data on wooden door
  • (Bug) Rare sky spawn
  • Dynamite was light pasable.

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