Type Block
Yield 1
Mirror n/a
Pattern yes
Ingredient 1 stone x 8
Ingredient 2
Ingredient 3

The smelter is the work area where you can burn fuel to create a tremendous amount of heat, allowing you to melt down metals, fire clay, and make glass.

How It Works

The smelter is not pattern based, like other work areas. Instead, it is based on count, or ratio. This means a template which calls for three of one type of material and one of another type can be arranged any of four ways in the smelter, all of which will produce the same result.

The smelter requires fuel to work. Any wood or paper item will burn. Leaves burn extremely quickly, but one piece of coal will last a long time in the smelter.

If there is nothing in the 2x2 input area of the smelting interface, the smelter will not consume fuel. For example, if your load of steel ingredients finish smelting into steel ingots, the smelter will finish burning whatever it was already burning, and then shut itself off. To keep the smelter on, such as when you are using it in conjunction with a repair bench, you can "jam" it on by putting any block which won't smelt into the 2x2 input area. A dirt block would do just fine. In this case it will continue to consume fuel until there is none left or the jamming block or the fuel is removed.


On this page:

Blocks: Clear Glass, Glass, Smooth Stone, Stone,

Items: Adamantium Ingot , Adamantium Rod , Bronze Ingot , Bronze Rod , Clay Brick, Coal, Steel Ingot, Steel Rod

BLOCK: Clear Glass

yield: 1

glass glass

BLOCK: Glass

yield: 1

sand sand

BLOCK: Smooth Stone

yield: 1

stone stone

BLOCK: Stone

yield: 1

gravel gravel

ITEM: Adamantium Ingot

yield: 1

adamantium ore adamantium ore
adamantium ore adamantium ore

ITEM: Adamantium Rod

yield: 2

adamantium ingot

ITEM: Bronze Ingot

yield: 2

copper nugget iron ore
copper nugget copper nugget

ITEM: Bronze Rod

yield: 2

bronze ingot

ITEM: Clay Brick

yield: 1

ball of clay ball of clay

ITEM: Coal


wood wood

ITEM: Steel Ingot

yield: 2

iron ore coal
iron ore iron ore

ITEM: Steel Rod

yield: 2

steel ingot