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Craftable No
Findable Yes
Recommended weapon Stone Showel
Attack by Attack time (sec)
Hand 2.25
Stick 2.07
Plank 1.84
Wood Pick 1.95
Wood Axe 2.12
Wood Showel 0.96
Stone Pick 1.83
Stone Axe 1.69
Stone Showel 0.75


  • The times are not 100% accurately. Any other weapons haven't made yet.
  • Wood Rake will use up itself when mining.


Natural generationEdit

Place Percentage
Overworld 30.2%

Most of the swamps are found in the ground. None of them are found in above and below sea levels.


Swamps are only use to build house, castle and something you can build. But swamps cannot craft, smelt and repair something.

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